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FOAMing in 2006
by Simon at 21:38 18/03/06 (Blogs::Simon)
Today I have mainly been.... outside, clearing scrub from a couple of barrows.
FOAM is the "Friends of Ancient Monuments", part of the Council for British Archaeology Wessex Group.

FOAM meets occasionally to "befriend and improve ancient monuments" and today they were up at the Lake Group to clear the scrub and trees growing out of two of the barrows.

I thought it'd be fun to go along and give them some help, and it was.

Here're some photos:

barrow 1 - beforeThe first barrow before we started the clearance

barrow 1 - before, different viewSlightly different view of the first barrow

barrow 1 - duringBarrow 1 during clearance

barrow 1 - clearedBarrow 1 cleared

barrow 1 - view from the topView from the top of barrow 1

barrow 1 - view from the topLooking towards the afternoon's work - barrow 2.
Although it's difficult to see in this pic, there are two large (one's 40' tall) beech trees growing out of this one

barrow 2Barrow 2 - pretty much cleared

barrow 2 - very heavy tree trunksBarrow 2 - very heavy tree trunks!

barrow 2 - cleaner profileBarrow 2 has a much cleaner profile now

view over the end result8 hours and 8 tired people later, we finish work just as the sun goes down

Very satisfying and an excellent way to spend some time in parts of the landscape that's not usually accessible to $general_public like me :-)


JPG image (184 K) Barrow 1 before any work
JPG image (147 K) Slightly different view of barrow 1
JPG image (153 K) Barrow 1 during clearance
JPG image (137 K) Barrow 1 cleared
JPG image (215 K) View from the top of barrow 1
JPG image (151 K) Looking towards barrow 2
JPG image (197 K) Barrow 2
JPG image (145 K) Those tree trunks are too heavy to carry by hand
JPG image (136 K) Much cleaner profile
JPG image (93 K) That's better!
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