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About the bfi Black World forum
by Simon at 11:48 06/02/06 (Forum::bfi::Black World)

The bfi Black World forum is one with a closed membership. In order to participate, you need to have registered an account on the website and be logged in. Additionally, you need to have been added to the forum participants' group. The rest of this article goes into more detail about the steps involved.

1. Creating your username

Use the new account form (click here) to register your choice of username on the system. When you have completed that process, you will be automatically emailed your initial password. You can change this password to something you will remember, by visiting your admin area once you've logged in.

2. Requesting access

Once you have registered your username and have successfully logged in, put your newly registered username into the form below and send it to us so we can add your new account to the forum participants' group. This is currently a manual process and may take a short while, so please be patient!

Once you're been granted access, just go to:


You'll be prompted to login (if you're not already) and then taken directly to the forum's home page. In the event of any technical problem, please email the Webmaster for help.

bfi Black World forum access request

Note: you must have completed Step 1 to create your username before requesting access.

In the event we need to get in touch with you, please also supply a contact email address.

A note about posting articles and replies

To start a new topic of discussion, use the 'New Article' button on the forum's index page. To reply to an existing item, use the 'Reply' button that relates to it.

When starting a new topic, the form provides an 'Intro' field to complete as well as an 'Article' field. Introductions are used on the forum's index page and in email notifications. As such, it's best to keep them short (a sentence is enough) and in plain text.

When posting a reply, there is a single 'Response' field for you to type your message into.

For the 'Article' and 'Response' fields, carriage returns are converted on the fly to the appropriate HTML paragraph or line break tags.

If you check the 'Article is HTML' box when posting, then you have to put your own paragraph and break tags in by hand.

However, simple HTML tags - like strong (<strong> ... </strong>); emphasis (<em> ... </em>); images (<img src="http://...">) and links (<a href="http://...">) - can be put in directly without needing to tick that box.

Novacaster admin

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