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Re: Calling Hugo
by Hugo van der Sanden at 11:41 25/11/05 (Blogs::Bruce)
Well, your factoid is also true of 32294 if you remove the word "odd" - it still has it's highest prime factor as a substring in binary.

The chemicals manufacturer Sigma-Aldrich has 32294 as the catalogue number for ethanol.

A Cullen number is of the form n * 2^n + 1, and n=32292 is one of only 14 known Cullen primes, so the 9,726 digit number 32292 * 2^32292 + 1 is prime. But refactoring (which is a normal thing to do) you can write that as 8073 * 2^32294 + 1.

Entry #32294 in the online quote database is: I always thought Pooh and Piglet were always happy because they weren't wearing pants..

But the very fact that OEIS has no sequence containing 32294 among the listed numbers is also significant; for example, 32296 is missing, but all other 3229x return at least one hit.


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