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Re: Finger Dyslexia
by Hugo van der Sanden at 12:14 15/07/05 (Blogs::Dave)
Typing is a completely different skill from writing.

Everyone develops their own style: my own is to type faster than I can be accurate, but somehow I've developed enough feel for it that I know when I've mistyped something, and can usually backspace and correct without actually having to look at the keys (or, often, at the screen).

Mostly by the time I've finished typing, what I have is clear of typos, so any further editing is for correctness or clarity.

I think programming helps though: having trained myself to expect an uncaught typo to be a bug, I'm used to taking them seriously and trying to catch them as early as possible. If the majority of what you type is for communication with humans, different pressures apply: a typo rarely impedes effective communication, and is usually outweighed by the effects of clarity of thought and of expression.


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