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Royal School of Mines
by Simon at 20:19 28/05/03 (History of RCS Mascotry)
Mines have become less and less active on the Mascotry front over the last 10 years. They took Spanner in 1973 and have lain low ever since, only occasionally attempting a raid on other colleges. Their mascot is a 3 ft high model of a miner's Davey lamp fashioned in anodised aluminium and called, unsurprisingly, Davey. We last had Davey in the 1982/83 session and the story behind that now follows...
"Then one fine morning in March, a lone RCS man was passing through the Mines building when a couple of lads carrying something 3ft tall, cylindrical in a pink dustbin liner, asked him to hold the door open for them.

As he watched, the package was placed behind the messenger's desk beside the porter. In less than two hours a team of RCS men were assembled in the now sadly missed Botany and Zoology tea room, and with the transport arranged, successfully removed Davey. Unfortunately, the last years RSMU Exec. were not particularly bothered about recovering their mascot (actually worth over 300 as scrap). So we had to wait until the new Executive organised a collection outside Harrods. Then the day of the RCSU v RCSA cricket match, Davey was amiably handed over."

(this article was originally published in the RCS Union Handbook for the year after the theft)

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