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The Adventures of the 23 Mascoteers
by Simon at 20:12 28/05/03 (History of RCS Mascotry)
It was a cold lunch time late last December. A number of RCS people were waiting around the Guilds Union Meeting. The Vice President, who possessed a car, decided to attempt to follow the Guilds vehicles as they carried the mascots away from the meeting.
Away went the Guilds car and away went the RCS car. Along High Street Kensington they drove. Twice our car pulled up directly behind the Guildsmen, and twice they failed to notice. Over Hammersmith Bridge went the convoy straigh to the Guilds 'safe house'. The Guildsmen had inadvertently shown RCS heroes where the prized mascot was - the nerds.

The next Guilds Union General Meeting was in the spring term on 4 February. Twenty-three of our brave chaps rendezvoused(?) in a pub and planned to ambush the Guilds cars returning from the meeting. Unfortunately they failed to obtain the mascots. So a new plan had to be hatched on the spot.

So it was that in the most ridiculous plot of all time the mascotry main man and a suitable henchman thug, walked up to the house and knocked on the door while the remaining team hid behind various pieces of vegetation. The door was duly opened and after a short conversation action was taken. Twenty-three people piled through the front door simultaneously.

According to the mascotry rule of overwhelmingly superior numbers, Spanner and Bolt were handed over to the RCS heroes and rushed away to a secret destination.

In order to reclaim the mascots, Guilds had to follow a treasure hunt, organised by a brainy hero, involving boot polishing and other humiliating, humbling activities. Finally, Spanner and Bolt were handed back in exchange for 300.

(this article was originally published in the RCS Union Handbook for the year after the theft)

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