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Multiple netatalk servers with same ServerSignature
by Simon at 12:15 22/08/04 (Blogs::Simon)

If you have more than one netatalk server on your LAN, then you can't connect to a second server if you've already got an AppleShare volume from the first one mounted. Instead, you get presented with the volume select dialog showing the available AppleShares on the server you're already connected to.


This is because the AppleShare client relies on looking at the ServerSignature to determine whether it's already connected to that server or not.


The trouble is, if the first line in /etc/hosts file on both netatalk servers is localhost.localdomain localhost

... or it's in Redhat style:

Server 1 foo.domain foo localhost.localdomain localhost

Server 2 bar.domain bar localhost.localdomain localhost

then the generated ServerSignature (which is based on hostid) is identical, because the hostid in both cases is 7f0100 (created from the loopback address


The fix is to make sure the first line of /etc/hosts *isn't* in both cases. ie:

On Server 1 foo.domain foo localhost.localdomain localhost

On Server 2 bar.domain bar localhost.localdomain localhost

Since this took me 4 hours to track down, because I didn't know what I was searching for, here are some of the keywords I tried in case other people try similar searches in the future. Think of this article as spackle for the noosphere.


redhat linux netatalk multiple servers volume appleshare hostid problem duplicate appletalk afpd separate identical already mount login

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