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Returning mascots is tricky too
by Simon at 17:11 28/05/03 (History of RCS Mascotry)
Unfortunately, Chelsea seem very glad to have got shut of their Anchor and since their merger with Kings and Queen Elizabeth College are even less enthusiastic about doing anything to get it back. If anyone has any suggestions as to what we can do with the wretched thing, let us know!
QMC play really dirty when it comes to Mascotry these days. They don't seem to believe in Rag Collecting and are so full of rampant politicos that they resort to violence every time they lose Mary. Having refused to do anything to get their mascot back in the normal way, they broke into the garage where Jezebel (our vintage fire engine) is kept, sprayed imitation snow all over the newly restored paintwork (criminal damage) and removed the bell from her, an item worth a great deal and difficult to replace. In this instance we were forced to return Mary to them because Jez was due to go to Brighton on the Rally in the next few days and needed all her equipment. It is rather a shame that QMC fail to see that the idea of violate (ie nickable) mascots is very good for raising money for Charity and have to sink to such stupid and small minded vandalism in order to get their Leopard back.

LSE looked unlikely to do anything to get Bruce back until one of their prospective Sabbatical Officers turned up one day. He said he wanted to give us a personal cheque for 50 in return for Bruce as he wanted to surprise the students at the Hustings, and use it in his election campaign. Never averse to getting a bit of money in for Rag, we agreed and delivered Bruce up to him. The Hustings came and went and he got elected purely on the basis that he had done something to get the mascot returned!

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