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First posting
by Simon at 13:35 26/08/03 (Forum::QCUIAG::General)
I've set this area up having watched the discussions recently on the QCUIAG Yahoogroups list...
A couple of people floated the idea of a multimedia forum as a useful thing to have alongside an email-only list, especially since Yahoo have changed their policy recently regarding attachments in digests.

This area is set up so that any visitor can read items in it, registered users of this site may post and comment to articles, and members of a special QCUIAG group are allowed to attach files to their posts.

Any registered user can subscribe to a nightly email of new posts made here, and members of the QCUIAG group may subscribe to 'immediate' notifications when any new posts are made.

I've just knocked this together fairly quickly, and the configuration for the precise behaviour can be changed around (look and feel too), but do people think this might be a useful way to develop the QCUIAG's online community?

Comments welcomed (you'll have to set up an account, of course).

Feel free to poke about the rest of the site to get an idea of how it all works.

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