Re: Quantum stuff is counter-intuitive :-)
by scott wright at 09:31 17/07/04 (Blogs::Simon)
sorry, but I've not been able to log in - it was not going from teh redirect page to here... I am at home on a dial up, which may explain it (I had forgotten what a horrible experience this is!!!)

Anyway, I thnk some of this went beyond me... it seems to be a matter of comprehension: I find it hard to comprehend such things. I dont think is just because of a lack of knowledge; some people just have minds which are better able to do this.

"where it gets tricky is when you start considering tangible things in the future being able to affect the present and the past." So the millenium bug - was a (perceived at least) tangible future problem that people reaacted to. The question is, are these tangible things actual things that we know that are going to happen (e.g. an election etc) or do we not have to "know" that they will certainly happen or even that they are going to happen at all - ie. is this independent of consciousness? It seems that these "bits" bumping around might have a "life" of their own as well...

The nearest I ever got to this was reading Philip Pullman!


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