Re: Wireless repeater / extenders
by Bruce Ure at 19:31 15/11/09 (Forum::Technical Advice::General)
Have you considered those terribly cunning but horribly glitchy ethernet-over-mains things? You could use two of them to connect the second device as a simple WAP, rather than a bridge / extender of the first, by using the mains as a virtual ethernet cable right back to the switch/router.

I tried this at a customer's house the other day. Didn't work, but turned out to be because the mains sockets were on different ring mains (I nearly said 'subnets'). So if you want a pair of Gigabit* Belkin Powerline whateverthefucktheyares, let me know.


* Actual maximum speed attainable is 12 bits per second

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