Re: Wireless repeater / extenders
by Bruce Ure at 18:45 11/07/09 (Forum::Technical Advice::General)
I tihnk the switch isn't as clever as you think. It's just a dumb-assed 8-port 10/100 unmanaged thing, nothing clever. Level who?

Good to think of the WiFi part of the WAP devices as a switch. Nice.

The switch points machines wired into it to the router for DHCP no problem, so it should be pointing the WAPs there too.

Thanks for your offer to have a fiddle. I'll see if I can post the settings. Maybe in 'another place' though.

There are "draft" n devices available now (have been for a while), most are hopefully flashable in case of any significant change to the n spec before official launch, which is December this year, apparently. The WHR-HP-G54 is a High Power 'g' device, with a built in amplifier, and MIMO, and is apparently very good, and easy to configure. Pah.


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