Wireless repeater / extenders
by Bruce Ure at 20:39 10/07/09 (Forum::Technical Advice::General)
This is doing my head in. Which is normally when I turn to novacaster.
These are Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 AirStations, which can be used as boring old wireless access points, or bridges, or extenders, or repeaters, apparently.

Scenario 1. Large house, CAT-6 sockets on ground floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and 4th floor, each connected to router on ground floor. Want to plug a Buffalo into each of these sockets, and have them form a lovely seamless wireless network, such that a person can walk from floor to floor without having to log in to a different WiFi connection on each floor. It just connects to the nearest, invisibly.

Scenario 2. Same large house, but no cabling. First Buffalo plugged in to router on ground floor. 2nd Buffalo on 2nd floor, 3rd on 3rd, etc. Each one picks up the signal of the other(s) and strengthens/extends it by re-broadcasting it.

Is scenario 2 possible or have I just made it up?

And why doesn't scenario 1 work? :) I struggled with exactly it all day today. I could connect to the wireless LAN fine but it wouldn't assign a DHCP address. Once I removed all devices but one, it was fine. DHCP server is the aforementioned router.

When I try the same thing here at home, a cut-down version with just 2 Buffalos, it stops my damn router from working! I'm obviously doing something wrong, but buggered if I know what.

Bleeding forehead. Trying to find other users of same devices having same issues.


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