Oi - that's *my* theory!
by Simon at 19:34 14/07/04 (Blogs::Simon)
Those folk at FermiLab have picked up on my ideas about the effects of time-symmetric quantum mechanics.

Id est: that the advance wave propagation into the now-future-past from a now-future quantum event is able to influence quantum events in the now-now (= the future affects the present).

Equally, changing the quantum state in the now-now triggers a reverse-causality-related change in the now-past (= the present affects the past).

It is the Universal::ComeFrom statement.


If you don't understand what this is about, ask me sometime :-) Or ask DaveC or JonM - since they've been contaminated by the discussion previously.

I've had an Italian car in the now-past, so it's probably about time I bought a Fiat Lux.

NB: for correct cross-pollination between Universes, it is important that modified quantum states be manifested on a physical scale - ie, you need to express your thoughts either verbally or in text, not just think them.

This is how Ptah was reputed to create the Universe by speaking everything into existence (ref: Memphite theology). (Yes, I know he looks like Gordon.)

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