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Royal Mail anti-privatisation petition
by Simon at 12:32 05/03/09 (Blogs::Simon)
The CWU (Communication Workers Union) have a public petition you can sign if you're against the proposed sell off of 30% of the Royal Mail.

(There is also a Number 10 Downing Street petition)

This debate should be about the desirability or otherwise of providing certain essential services entirely through the public sector.

The Royal Mail (and the Post Office) are as vital to the business and social infrastructure of UK plc as the roads, rail, telecomms, power and water.

Handing over control to corporate business removes the ability for the people of the UK to hold the providers of such essential services to account via the democratic process.

Whereas Governments should always bear in mind more than simply the financial bottom line and shareholder value when arriving at decisions (well, we can always hope!), corporate business by its very nature cannot be expected to do the same.

The Government is always ours, corporate business can always belong to someone else.

Note: I hold no particular brief for the CWU - in fact I wish their coverage of this issue was more analytical and less "yah-boo" and confrontational. There is a valid debate to be had here and though emotive language is useful for firing people up, it can be counter-productive.

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