Britain's Atlantis
by Simon at 11:44 27/01/09 (Blogs::Simon)
Francis Pryor investigates drowned lands around the UK coast, culminating with Doggerland and the discovery of a mesolithic roundhouse near Howick, Northumberland.

BBC Radio4 27/1/2009 11:00am.

Annoyingly, this program isn't available on the BBC's Listen Again.

Here are a few related links though, which I dug up while listening:

Howick roundhouse

We have been here before - Doggerland and the impact of climate change (PDF)

Map of Doggerland

I was particularly interested to hear that the Howick roundhouse is situated on the first available high ground west of Doggerland. Whatever the size of the tsunami that resulted from the collapse of the Baltic ice dams, it would have been dwarfed by the one from Lake Agassiz's outpouring into the Atlantic - which I think drove people from the inundated lands on the eastern side of the Atlantic up into the high ground areas on the west side of Britain and Europe.

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