Stonehenge Replicas
by Simon at 14:32 29/03/08 (Blogs::Simon)
I have a Google alert that mails me links to any news stories on the web that mention Stonehenge.

There're usually one or two every day, not all to do with collections of enormous rocks - it's amazing how many other things have been named 'Stonehenge', but that's by the by...

Recently I've noticed a few stories about various people building replica Stonehenges around the world, or if not replicas then stone circles of one kind or another.

There's one in Daventry and another in Australia that have popped up in the last week alone.

Why now, I wonder.

Incidentally, anyone know how Felix Dennis is getting on with his pyramid?

[Filed under: "I've told you before that we are the new Atlanteans"]

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