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Well done Judith
by Simon at 08:55 25/09/07 (Blogs::Simon)
"AMHERST, Mass. University of Massachusetts astronomy professor Judith Young created her Stonehenge-like sunwheel behind the school's football stadium as an educational tool.

But standing in the center of the giant stone calendar on the autumnal equinox and watching the sun set directly into the opening of a 10-foot granite portal can also be a spiritual experience, she says.

"It really changes one's way of being," she said. "Because there is nothing one is there to do but observe, watch, and notice. It's a very quiet experience. It's a very meditative experience. It's very beautiful. The birds are just flying, the sky is gorgeous colors. You are connected to the earth and sky in a way that doesn't often happen."

Sunday marks the equinox, the day the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day is equal to night. Young, as she has done for over a decade on such days, will hold an educational gathering Saturday and Sunday at sunrise and sunset at the center of the UMass Sunwheel."

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