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Curtain Design for Romain Rolland's Play,"Le 14 Juillet", 1936
In this image there is a crucified horseback rider similar to the one in the 1934 drawing.
Curtain Design for Romain Rolland's Play, Le 14 Juillet, 1936

The motif, due to Picasso's intimate knowledge of the Tarot, and his tendency to include Tarot motifs into his work, can be seen to relate to the "Sun" card.. The sun card in Waites designs, which were known to Picasso, depict a child on horseback with outstretched arms, reminiscent of crucifixion and a benevolent sun smiling down upon the scene from the heavens. This card symbolizes, probably more than any, all the positive qualities of life, like hope, success, vitality, greatness, health and enlightenment. In a sense the motif's incorporation into "The Unknown Masterpiece," represents the transcendence from the terrible predicaments threatening Picasso and his future.

JPG image (17 K) Le 14 Juillet, 1936
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