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Night Fishing in Antibes, 1939
This Picasso painting, and some later lithographs, contain a very similar spiral light motif as seen in the upper left of "The Unknown Masterpiece." This is a death symbol related to the sun in the corrida. The death of one of the protagonists takes place directly below.
Night Fishing in Antibes, 1939

In addition, hidden motifs of a fish and a trident in "The Unknown Masterpiece," relate to similar elements in the painting above. What we see in the painting however, does little to provide us with an understanding of it. As with other cryptic works by Picasso, we need to reach beyond the work itself, to obtain the keys to its symbolism.

In this case, "The Unknown Masterpiece," along with Picasso's poems, and biographical information, allow us to interpret what is taking place in a more accurate way. It is an assassination of Olga by Picasso, in the context of his new relationship with Francois Gilot.

JPG image (33 K) Night Fishing in Antibes, 1939
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