Serpentine bronze age structure found near Hereford
by Simon at 08:25 04/07/07 (Blogs::Simon)
Work on the Rotherwas access road has revealed a bronze age feature of a type hitherto unknown in Europe.
The "Rotherwas Ribbon" comprises a series of linked opposing curves created by laid surfaces of deliberately fire-cracked stones (stones which have shattered after being heated by fire then dropped into water) unearthed from a ridge half a kilometre away.

"While the practice of laying stones in small level 'pavements' close to standing stones is known from sites in Pembrokeshire and elsewhere, the closest parallel anywhere we can think of to the long sculpted form of this monument is the 'Great Serpent Mound' of the Hopewellian phase 200BC to 400AD - of the Middle Woodland period in Ohio, USA," said Herefordshire County Archaeologist Dr Keith Ray.


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