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Busy, busy, busy
by Simon at 16:50 28/06/07 (Blogs::Simon)
Hectic couple of weeks, these...
Found myself exploring Second Life on behalf of a client who wants to open an office there.

Discovered rather to my surprise that it's not entirely a collection of sex, gambling and dance clubs - there are some genuinely interesting and friendly people in there too.

Once you get into it, it's quite hard to get out again...

Went to the Solstice again at Stonehenge, and ensconced myself between the stones in the outer ring on the Avenue axis at about 1am where I was joined later by a guy called Bert with whom I had a very nice chat until sunup. Perfectly clear night, right up until dawn :-( when the clouds rolled in and there was but the faintest gleam of the sun about 20 minutes later through the cloudbank.

Solstice sunrise 2007

24,000 people there this year - and they seem to be getting younger somehow.

Last weekend I spent Sunday clearing hawthorn trees from the north west bank of Durrington Walls in preparation for Mike Parker Pearson's team to begin work for this season's Stonehenge Riverside Project excavation. Torrential rain throughout, and hawthorn trees are averse to being attacked with loppers, as the many splinters in my hands, arms, legs and feet will attest. Never mind, it was great fun - and I met yet another people who was at the Stonehenge Festival in 1984.

This weekend I shall mostly be relaxing, I think! Or I might pop back into Second Life and work on my tentacles some more, which are rather fetching if I do say so myself...

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