Re: Couple of comments
by scott wright at 11:07 28/05/04 (Forum::Online Communities)
Simon, thank you for your comments! I was not aware of Godwin's Law - in fact I was not aware that there was such a huge and systematised dictionary of terms/phrases etc. We are already well over our word limit - but I think this is certainly something that I would be keen to include in the piece. We will be presenting this paper at the BAAL (brit. assoc. applied linguistics) conference in september and a revised version of the attached piece will go into a journal special issue so I will get it included in that.

I will have to get a hold of that book - I just had a look on amazon and it seems very interesting. All this is making me realise that there is so much that we should know about going on that we simply do not know about - that is the advantage of the net - it makes it much easier to learn about such things...

What you say about needing an offical to inform people of EU policy is interesting. I think that such structures are more suited to specific policy forums - where relevant documents are presented and people are asked to discuss these. That was (if it had worked properly) the advantage of the Downing St. discussions - an area to think out of the box and an area to be more directly policy-orientated.


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