Front page redesign
by Simon at 13:30 12/04/07 (Blogs::Simon)
I've been playing about with a new look for the front page of this site, one that pulls in the latest content that you're allowed to see from across the site and places it in columns according to type (Tech, Blogs and Other).

This supersedes the 'Place on front page' checkbox, because I was getting embarrassed that the stuff on the front page was mainly mine :-)

After some poking at the CSS, it seems to work OK in IE6/7, Firefox and Safari.

Any problems, please let me know.

NB: Any root articles you post anywhere on the site therefore will show up on the front page - but don't get frit when you spot things on the front page that are from private areas - they're only visible to you because you've got the necessary access rights to see them.


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