by Simon at 16:08 29/01/07 (Forum::Online Communities)
Founded in the late 80s as a dialup BBS and now available via dialup, telnet, OLR and the web, the Compulink Information eXchange is one of the longest surviving UK-based online communities around.

It's still going strong today with over 10000 members.

In the days of expensive phone calls CIXen seeking to avoid the 'lion noise', dropped lines and 'greek' connections associated with early modem comms developed several rich client applications dubbed 'OLRs' (Off Line Readers).

The apps provided a means to batch up and download messages for reading 'offline', coupled with the facility to compose replies for later batch upload - hugely increasing the usability of the system.

There is a private discussion area on this site where people who've had CIX accounts can chat with each other. See the group description for more info.


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