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by Bruce Ure at 12:05 24/01/07 (Forum::Technical Advice::General)
Has anyone here used Automator much?
I've a need to batch-rename a load of files using find and replace. I've found a solution (FileList) so this has now become academic but I'm curious nonetheless.

I want to select a folder or list of files (which will contain a particular string in their name), enter some text which will then replace the string in the name.

It's for putting the trackTotal figure into audio tracks with names like:

Air ~ Track 01 of {trackTotal} ~ Remember

because for some reason the damn ripper doesn't substitute the total number of tracks for the {trackTotal} variable.

Anyway. In Automator I can find "Ask for Finder Items" which gives a list of files or folders as its output. Cool.

I can also find "Rename Finder Items", which will do a find and replace, but the find and replace text only seems to be able to be entered at the Automator level, i.e. not as variables at 'run time'.

Any ideas?

(I know this can be done at the CLI but I specifically want to know how to do it with Automator).


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