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Hidden Signatures and Dates
Beside the hidden fingerprint in the drawing are the inscriptions 'Picasso 1934' and '12.5.34'. These are barely visible to the naked eye and were discovered by chance when photographing the drawing.


Michael Ansell, a respected British handwriting and document expert, formerly the deputy head of the document section at Scotland Yard, examined the drawing in 1993 and concluded a preliminary report by stating :

'...all the features capable of comparison to date are entirely consistent with those appearing in other drawings by Picasso as well as items which contain Picasso's normal handwriting.'

Signatures and numbers had special significance for Picasso and he attached great importance to them.

The signature in the 1934 drawing although rare in works of the 1930's, corresponds identically with Picasso's signature in works from around the turn of the century.

The drawing contains at least two other signatures encrypted in its composition. One of these, shown below, is a large geometric 'Picazzo' signature. Like the signature above, this also harks back to the turn of the century. It relates to a number of drawings from that period, such as, 'The Street Violinist" of 1897, signed "Picazzo" The signature also relates to Picasso's first exhibit at Els Quatre Ghats in 1900, where he was billed as Picazzo.

curtain signature

JPG image (12 K) 1934
JPG image (27 K) 12-5-34
JPG image (28 K) Curtain signature
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