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The Discovery of The 1934 Drawing
In the 1970's, a London junk dealer was commissioned to clear the effects of a deceased Polish woman from a flat in Ealing. The property had recently been ransacked, but among the remaining possessions he found five ink drawings, along with a bag of loose rubies and a valuable diamond bracelet. He also discovered lots of theatrical memorabilia and concluded from this that the woman had once been a dancer or an actress in the theatre.
The junk dealer kept the drawings for a number of years, then in the 1980's, he sold them to a picture dealer who disposed of four of the drawings to persons unknown. From his description of the four drawings, it appears that they may have been side panels to the drawing discussed here.

In the spring of 1991, the picture dealer sold the last remaining drawing to another dealer who consulted me for an opinion. I examined the work and had the strong feeeling that it might be by Picasso. The drawing was shown to Christie's, the next day, they concluded it was by, "a very close friend of Picasso."

Subsequent research shows beyond doubt that the drawing is, in fact, an important, previously unknown work by Picasso. Despite numerous inquiries, the identify of the deceased Polish woman remains a mystery.

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