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This area will be updated, from time-to-time with news items concerning the 1934 Drawing and ongoing developments.

If you know of further media coverage concerning this subject, please let us know.

July 2008

The Picasso Drawing is for sale, along with other items of interest. Please see the sale catalogue for details.

October 2006

Britannica iGuide logoThis site is now an Encyclopedia Britannica "iGuide" website.

June 2004

The content of the website was revised and moved to the Novacaster Community. The original website remains in place as an archive.

January 1997

Magazine Coverage

  • 6-12/1/97 - The Big Issue #214 "My Picasso Was Found In An Attic" p14-15, David Wilson

August 1996

A Poster of the 1934 Drawing is now available.

Newspaper Coverage

  • 22/8/96 - Paris-Match "La 'Patte' de Picasso ou ses empreintes ?"
  • 22/8/96 - West Sussex Gazette "Fingerprint Clue to Lost Masterpiece" front page, Adrian Wills
  • 16/8/96 - Ealing Gazette "Search is on for Picasso's Prints" p9, Yann Tear
  • 16/8/96 - The Ealing Informer "Print Clue in Picasso Quiz" p3, Colin Birch
  • 8/8/96 - The Daily Telegraph "Fingerprint Expert joins Picasso hunt" p18, Jeremy Jehu
  • 8/8/96 - The Independent "Suspect Picasso is dusted for fingerprints" p7, Jason Bennetto
  • 8/8/96 - The Guardian "Thumb holds clue to 'unknown Picasso' sketch" p2, Dan Glaister
  • 8/8/96 - The Times "Thumb period" p16, The Times Diary
  • Eastern Daily Press

Radio Coverage

  • 9/8/96 - Radio Three Counties, Radio Solent
  • 8/8/96 - BBC Radio 4 (Kaleidoscope, The Today Program), BBC Radio 5 Live, CBS, GLR, Star FM, Southern Counties Radio

Television Coverage

  • 9/8/96 - Anglia TV News
  • 8/8/96 - BBC1 News, South Today, Channel One (Cable)

June 1996

Newspaper Coverage

  • Blue Print #9 - The Newsletter of Cambridgeshire Constabulary - "Picasso Riddle Still Unsolved" p5, Matt Tapp

April 1996

Newspaper Coverage

  • Blue Print #7 - The Newsletter of Cambridgeshire Constabulary - "A Thumbprint worth 20m?" front page, Tony Burnley

February 1996

Newspaper Coverage

  • 15-21/2/96 - The European "Web of intrigue as finger points to Picasso" p26, John May
  • 18/2/96 - The Sunday Express "Thumbprint that may reveal a 10m Picasso masterpiece" Simon Young

April 1995

Magazine Coverage

  • Worth Magazine "Painted Into a Corner" p27, Dean Robinson

Newspaper Coverage

  • 18/4/95 - The Evening Standard "Fingerprint may point to Picasso original" p19 Gervase Webb

April 1994

Newspaper Coverage

  • 20/4/94 - The Daily Express "The 25 drawing that may really be a 20m masterpiece by Picasso" p3 Ian Cobain
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