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by Simon at 10:27 06/01/07 (Forum::Technical Advice::General)
I've discovered what looks like a bug in the Google Analytics access manager.

This is the tool you use when you want to grant someone view-only access to the analytics reports for a website profile for which you're the administrator.

I was trying to grant access to a customer so they could take a look at the kinds of stats that are available, to see whether they wanted to use Google Analytics on their own site.

They didn't have a GMail account, so I sent them one of my invites so they could set one up.

After they'd done so, they let me know what their new account email was and I granted it view-only acccess via the Access Manager.

However, when they then logged into Google Analytics, they found themselves presented with a 'provisioning' page inviting them to "Sign Up for Google Analytics" instead of anywhere that had any link to the reports they should have been able to see.

I then set myself up a new GMail account and granted it the necessary view-only access so I could check - and I had the same problem.

Both my customer and my new accounts were of the form [something] but when I logged in with my new account I noticed that in the header of Google page it had [something] instead.

Purely on a hunch, I went back and added the variants via the Access Manager and hey presto, both now have view-only access to the reports.

I don't know precisely what this means, in terms of bugs or otherwise at Google, but I've let them know.

This message is posted here in case anyone else encounters a similar problem.

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