Re: Multi-Valued Data Fields ..Spawn of Satan ?
by Hugo van der Sanden at 14:30 18/07/06 (Blogs::Dave)
Interesting - I have for a while been planning to do exactly the same within Novacaster, to add support for an object to have a "collection" field inside it (supporting set, bag and maybe ordered set and array) which would be implemented as multiple tables under the hood.

The main value from my point of view is that this can be used to reduce code complexity, and thus (hopefully) to reduce both development and maintenance costs. I do understand that this should be used sparingly though - the primary target is for client-specific custom objects, which want to have the supporting code as small and localised as possible. This is fresh in my mind, because a potential new client we talked to yesterday appears to have precisely this requirement.

This is only for the object view though - the 'relational' side of the object-relational mapping will not have its view restricted, so full access to the underlying tables will be maintained.


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