Re: Linux for Human Beings ?
by Gordon Hundley at 18:14 01/06/06 (Blogs::Dave)
Ubuntu is a really good Linux distro, and people are moving to it it droves. It helps that its built on top of a Debian core, so it uses apt/dpkg rather than the more ugly yum/rpm packaging. That means that you can upgade any Debian into a current Ubuntu just by setting the mirror and using apt-get.

I've been using Dapper Drake in beta (the current version) on my home PC for a while, and I have an older (Breezy Badger) version on a partition of my TiBook. I've been waiting for the LTS release to start building servers for work using it. I'll start grabbing he CDs and DVDs using bittorrent.

BTW, if you don't have the bandwidth to pull ISO images, use ShipIt on their site and they'll send you free CDs.


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