Re: 2469: Sloane returns 404
by Hugo van der Sanden at 14:25 29/09/05 (Blogs::Bruce)
The highest point in Norway is the peak of the Galdh°piggen, at 2469 metres. This is also the height of the Great St Bernard Pass in the Alps, and of the geoglyph "The Ancients" on the Llano de la Paciencia in Chile.

Beryllium boils at 2469░C.

Rod Carew, having played 2469 professional games, is the 6th most experienced baseball player never to appear in the World Series.

Sierra County, California has a total land area of 2469 km2.

The mono release of "Sounds of Silence" (the album) by Simon and Garfunkel was designated LP CL 2469.

Asteroid 2469 "Tadjikistan" was discovered by Tamara Mikhailovna Smirnova on 27th April 1970.

The Unicode codepoint 2469 represents the Bengali letter "Tha" (থ), and codepoint 0x2469 represents the number 10 with a circle round it (⑩).


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