Re: New home, new scenary
by David Crowson at 13:58 08/08/05 (Blogs::Simon)
soon you fall prey to the demon addiction of DIY :)

I myself succumbed last night, staying up all night to try and finish, unsucessfully, the bathroom floor then being somewhat distracted by the temptation the use the steam powered wallpaper stripper I bought from Bruce 8 years ago. I stripped all the hallway and repainted it. Then I cut the grass and tidied the rest of the house like it's never been tidied before. A quick bath and then 'drrrring' the doorbell rings, the surveyor has arrived. He pokes around for half an hour and buggers off.

Hopefully they'll now give me some money so I can fix the outside of the house.

However , now I can't get the smell of paint out of my nostrils :)

right , I'm off for a cycle ride to Woking to get some garden sacks, towpath exercise time , excellent.

PS Nice pics..


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