Re: Proving an inequality
by Hugo van der Sanden at 01:04 18/07/05 (Blogs::Hugo)
I have searched all 7-factor possibilities without finding a wierd number. There are an enormous number of 8-factor possibilities to check, so there was no point starting that run before my imminent house move (which will perforce involve having the computer turned off (eek!) at some point).

Even then, starting that search is of little use except to get an estimate of how many years the search would take, so that I'd have an idea how far I'd need to improve the algorithm to have a hope of completing it.

For the record my programme can now check the 10^8 or so primitive abundant 7-factor numbers in about 45 minutes; a correspondent (Bob Hearn) estimates the 8-factor numbers at around 3 x 10^15, so my baseline is about 2,500 years.

I still have some work to do on correctness though - the list of numbers I check doesn't exactly correspond with Bob's, and while I'm aware of some differences that are insignificant I need to fix the program to remove them before I can verify that there are no remaining differences that are significant.


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