Re: Jamie Oliver's School Dinners and "Feed Me Better"
by Sylvia at 13:04 31/03/05 (Blogs::Simon)
You are very welcome.

I donít want to judge your knowledge in any way. I am only a mother who highly protects the interest of her son and I always did also with my sonís who donít suffer from ADD.

I am sure as you seem to be very literate and researching the internet you will find other websites where famous people with ADD/ADHD are listed mostly those who are listed on the website I have given you in the recent post.

So you probably will need a time reading through.

Nevertheless I need to add that this not belongs to the fact of the food.

I am very determined to stand up for kids/adults with ADD/ADHD as those often will be blamed or even the parents and at the end of the day, genuinely speaking I slipped into this with the diagnosis of my son and I donít like it and I really hope that people with healthy kids or who only want to blame anybody for anything, understand that there is no bad parenting nor food which could cause ADD/ADHD. We parents mostly disbelieve the fact our kids have ADD/ ADHD till the doctorís diagnose them and it is hard for us firstly as it means we need to re think everything and do so many things different.

When we get used to the fact our kids are suffering we appreciate what our kids doing so much more then other parents. Kids are future and our kids are part of it.


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