Re: Jamie Oliver's School Dinners and "Feed Me Better"
by Simon at 11:28 31/03/05 (Blogs::Simon)
Hi Sylv,

I've obviously really wound you up with the way I posted - I'm sorry about that, and on reflection I can see that my choice of words was poor.

I don't doubt there's a genetic component involved here - identical twins research shows that clearly - what I doubt is the assumption that *if* you have the genetic susceptibility, you *will* develop ADHD.

This medical review paper makes the point that the presence of the genetic predisposition itself does not cause ADHD to manifest in all environments.

I'm certainly in no position to be able to say what the balance of factors might be in your family, or even to offer any suggestions, so I won't try.

Genuine question: I appreciate you know much more about this than I do, having been directly affected yourself, but how you can be so absolutely sure that some things in food definitely don't cause (or at least contribute to) the triggering of ADHD in someone with the particular genetic combination?


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