Re: Jamie Oliver's School Dinners and "Feed Me Better"
by Sylvia at 07:54 31/03/05 (Blogs::Simon)
Simon, how ignorant are you???

Did you ever any time sit down and have a research about ADD/ADHD??? The answer to this question is NO as if you would have done this, you would know that ADD/
adhd is inherited and NOT caused by any crappy food and it is a condition.

My son is 8 years old and was diagnosed with ADD two years ago...btw I have three sons, my two oldest are 20 and 18 and they dont have ADD. Why because my youngest father suffers undiagnosed from ADD....ADD/ADHD exists already 100 years...and there is lots of research done.

What do you know about Ritalin or Methylphenidate, what this medication is??? Nothing, you know one of the side effects that is all.

Btw my son was always eating healthy more or less, because junk food was expensive in the country I come from. This stopped long before he was even diagnosed. His biological father lives isolated with his parents because never anybody made one step to find out what is wrong with him, all people say is "he is a stranger a looner..".And this man is somebody who eats very healthy always has.

My son even suffers from co-morbid disorders and illnesses beside ADD and one thing I can tell you I would give everything if he only could be like his brothers. People say he is "not bad" no he isnt he is a fine young lad, who is very intelligent. He himself found out that Methylphenidate help him and he "likes" the kind he is with them as it shows his real ego.

So please do the world a favour and never ever judge about an illness you dont know a dim about or even the medication which they prescribe (which is one kind of many).

For Jamie Oliver, I like him and I think his campaign is alright I also agree that some things in food are not appropriate and we are very carefully with this but those things ARE DEFINITELY NOT CAUSING ADD/ADHD.


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