Re: Jamie Oliver's School Dinners and "Feed Me Better"
by smallhobbit at 23:03 30/03/05 (Blogs::Simon)
ADHD (just a label for an ever-increasing collection of disparate symptoms) is probably caused in part by the huge amount of chemical additives in kids' food, and Ritalin probably only works because - as an amphetamine derivative - it suppresses appetite and so the kids end up eating *less* of the crap that caused the problem in the first place.

Oh dear Simon? Please read your statement again? Do you really want to appear so uneducated? Please come round any time you like and view my childs food? Actually she does not have a decreased appetite at all since being on Methylphenidate ( oops - sorry - you call it ritalin?)

She has never has eaten junk food? If you have medical references to your statements I would be very pleased to view them?

Otherwise - perhaps you could come around here and explain it all to a very small beautiful ( but sometimes confused) child?

Good luck if you ever have any kids!!!!


<< Harumph - that was one of mine... Google invents the Nutrimatic ... >>
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