Re: Refrigerandi
by Hugo van der Sanden at 00:45 07/01/05 (Blogs::Bruce)
Refrigeraturi would be the active future gerundive (masculine nominative plural, of course - I assumed Bruce wouldn't be seen dead having any feminine stuff in his fridge).

Of course it shouldn't have been nominative, as you no doubt astutely spotted and were too kind to mention: it should have been accusative - "blasts at the to-be-refrigerated contents" would probably use "ad" ('to or towards'), a preposition taking the accusative and therefore (assuming also that the contents were neuter) refrigeranda.

Another nicety is that even though Latin has a word for 'thing', it is hardly ever used ("De rerum natura" aside) - any adjective assumes it (or maybe "man" or "woman" depending on context) in isolation, so "in the direction of the things to be refrigerated" would just be "ad refrigeranda". Gorgeous language, and such beautiful plumage - such a shame it's temporarily stunned.


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