Sputnik 1 recording
by Simon at 08:12 04/10/07 (Blogs::Simon)
-- Just popping this back to the top of the list to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sputnik's launch --

On October 11th 1957 my dad - Bryan Banton - and his friend Bill Wilding made a tape recording of the radio telemetry from Sputnik 1 as it orbited the Earth. The Space Age was 7 days old.

This recording was made on reel to reel tape and, on a recent visit home to see the folks, I've finally had a chance to digitise it and turn it into an MP3 for posterity before all the oxide falls off the original.

The first voice heard on the recording is Bryan, the second is Bill.

A small snippet of history :-)

Sputnik 1 recording.

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