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by scott wright at 01:26 08/12/04 (Forum::Online Communities)
Steven Clift:

My vacation is over. The time to collaboratively generate the best
collection of practical e-democracy advice for governments and local
communities to date begins now.

If you would like to participate in this UK government-funded effort,
simply fill out submission form "6. Join the E-democracy Best
Practices Leadership Team" from:

Our first step will be to generate a set of "Briefs" on e-democracy
features - technologies, techniques, online features, etc. This will
be a descriptive laundry list of the top items - - from e-mail
notices to webcasting public meetings - a government can or should do
online to fulfill their democratic responsibilities.

As part of the team you can help draft a "Brief" or simply comment or
contribute to the creation of these short documents. (Think future
one page, two column PDF files with a list of links to real
implementation and top sources for further information.)

Those drafting accepted quality briefs or future project-oriented
case studies will also receive honorariums for their service. You
will also know that you will be contributing to a collection of
useful materials that will be read around the world for years to

For more information on the International E-democracy Best Practice
effort, see:

Please forward far and wide.

Steven Clift
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