the importance of website designers
by scott wright at 16:31 03/11/04 (Forum::Online Communities)
I've got a new research idea - well it is a new way of providing evidence to support my hypothesis. I think that the role of website designers (and particularly for me forum designers) is not fully appreciated in social science literature.
I was thinking of putting out a survey through shout etc. But I was wondering if anyone else had any views on this? How important is the designer? Or do they just do what the customer wants? And is there differences between the demands of government and private companies in terms of the controls placed on you? How aware are the designers of the political and democratic requirements? Is it technology-led?

That's a lot of questions, but I thought I'd just throw out some ideas for discussion :-)

Did anyone else watch the beeb's coverage last night? I thought they were being far too confident in their assessment of Kerry's support based on the high turnout - a case of bias? Deluded hope? I only wish they'd been right!


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