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Nominet fuck-pigs
by Bruce Ure at 17:21 17/08/04 (Blogs::Bruce)
Christ alive, talk about obstructive.
They're going to cancel bdge.co.uk and re-release it to the public domain unless I can give them an official document stating that ownership of the domain was transferred to me before bdge Ltd was dissolved.

And it can't be from me as sole director to me as jo public, because the company no longer exists so I can't act in an official capacity for it.

I WAS the bloody company. Sole director, shareholder, employee. No-one else is contesting ownership of the domain.

So my lucky old accountant gets to write a letter confirming that ownership passed to me before dissolution, and lucky old me gets to pay the bill.

I asked them whether they check that the accountant actually exists, and if so was actually the accountant for the company at the time, and they don't (though they might now of course).

What a ludicrous waste of time.


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Nominet fuck-pigs Bruce Ure - 17/08
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