For my future reference: Plesk linux locked out ip restriction firewall blocked access sql mysql kittens cucumber
by Bruce Ure at 12:06 13/02/13 (Blogs::Bruce)
I locked myself out of one of my 1&1 hosted servers because I forgot that it was tied to my fixed IP address, and my ISP changed my fixed IP due to some network reconfiguration.... it's not like they gave me 3 months' notice or anything... oh wait, they did. And I still failed to change the server IP restriction in time. So had to find a way in.
SSH to your server as root and remove the restrictions, which are stored in the 'psa' database:

#Connect to your mysql server's Plesk admin database:
mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow ` psa

#List the IPs which are allowed to access the Plesk control panel
mysql> select * from cp_access;

#Check the default access policy
mysql> select * from misc where param="access_policy";

#To remove all the IPs from 'cp_access' table:
mysql> delete from cp_access;

#To change the default access policy to "allow":
mysql> update misc set val="allow" where param="access_policy";

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