December 3rd planetary alignment with Giza Pyramids
by Simon at 17:03 27/08/12 (Blogs::Simon)
I'm fed up with seeing this image all over the place - it'd be mildly interesting if it was true, but it's not.

I decided to see how wrong it actually is.

Google Earth's 3D Buildings layer is useful for finding the viewpoint from which the pyramid photo in the original has been taken, and this enables us to find the azimuth the photographer was pointing towards. It turns out to be about 22° east of north.

Starry Night Pro lets us put ourselves in Egypt on 3rd Dec 2012, an hour before local sunrise, and view the sky at this supposedly momentous time.

Yes, Mercury Venus and Saturn are all in a line but about azimuth 116° east of north, not 22°. What's more, they're all in a line that's more up-down than left-right.

So there you go. Nonsense from every direction.


JPG image (67 K) That bloody image
PNG image (835 K) Google Earth
PNG image (408 K) Starry Night Pro
PNG image (563 K) Explanatory version
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