More accurate data (Re: Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project - Cursus/HeelStone solstitial alignments)
by Simon at 19:50 29/11/11 (Blogs::Simon)
Mike Pitts has recently published images from the Birmingham team showing the geophys upon which the Hidden Landscape Project has based its press release about the Cursus pits and their potential solstitial alignment.

I've georeferenced those images in QGIS along with the reference plan of Stonehenge from Cleal et al (1995) on an Ordnance Survey grid layer.

All that means is that I'm able to read off the OS Grid Refs directly.

HLP geophys and Cleal plan in QGISScreengrab of the relevant area from QGIS with the pits (and Heelstone) marked. (click for a larger version)

With the grid refs deduced, simple trig tells us the azimuths of the pits as seen from the Heelstone. We're working in an area less than 2km across so the OS grid is practically undistorted.

Azimuth calculations and diagram (click for larger version)

The azimuths come out as:

West pit from Heelstone: 311 45'
East pit from Heelstone: 50 17'


JPG image (626 K) HLP geophys and Cleal reference plan in QGIS
PNG image (81 K) Azimuth calculations and diagram
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