Re: I have a new favourite linux distribution
by Bruce Ure at 13:15 17/09/11 (Blogs::Bruce)
> something remarkably innovative

Like what? Remarkable innovation is a risky route, and many of these Linux distributions can't afford (literally) to lose the support of their fan base, so I think they are wise to stick to releasing versions that are clean, clear, simple, and clutter-free, and look kindalike what we're used to using already, rather than trying to shift paradigms: they should leave that to the likes of Apple.

I've no desire to change OS for its own sake. But the number of apps that require anything other than a browser is dropping fast (especially now that HTML5 is going mental), and there are good Linux alternatives for many of the ones that only run natively. Where there is no alternative, I'd run them on their own platform in a VM, like I do already with a handful of Windows apps. You're not supposed to, but you can also run OSX in a VM.

So when I eventually buy my next desktop PC, I'm hoping I can just build a generic AMD/Intel box from dog-cheap parts and save myself 1000+ on the cost of a similar-spec Mac Pro.

That's my main incentive.


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