iPhoto attempting to publish an album
by Hugo van der Sanden at 08:33 28/03/11 (Blogs::Hugo)
.. and failing with authentication error, on startup.

My mother is trying to use iPhoto, but when she starts it up it warns "An error occurred with the publication of album "29 Jan 2011". Authentication with server failed. Please check your login and password information.". Clicking <ok> (the only option available) then helpfully shows the same message again.

I suspect it relates to this Apple forums message - my niece and nephew were playing around with it for a few hours around that date, and I can well imagine they might have published a bunch of photos, and then sometime later changed their password.

I don't know whether the authentication warning is in a hard loop, or just repeating hundreds of times. But all the menu options are greyed out, so the application is unusable until we can get past this. And I won't have a chance to go fiddle with it myself until next weekend at the earliest.

Any clues for remote debugging, or just a chainsaw fix?


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