"Modern music sucks"
by Bruce Ure at 12:12 29/01/11 (Blogs::Bruce)
According to Mr Bartlett of this parish, anyway.

Sorry. I couldn't possibly get all this in in 140 characters :-)

omfg - 'Empty Hand' from @1elizadoolittle 's eponymous 1st album is a miniature masterpiece. Play it. Loud, without distraction. Do it now.

@bdge modern music sucks, may as well be listening to Dire Straits, it will drive you that insane....... ;-)

@James_8inaV there's so much wrong with what you just said, I don't even know where to start!

@bdge which bit?

Ok. Briefly:

Dire Straits did make some enjoyable music (Telegraph Road, Brothers in Arms) though I admit it was a bit clichéd and schmaltzy (and due to its outrageously good production possibly best used mainly for testing stereo systems), and I'm willing to accept that Herr Knopfler might not be a guitarist with the huuuuuuge talent of the illustrious Tool boys or Matt Stevens even though I probably couldn't tell how or why unless it was pointed out to me, but to compare listening to them these days to listening to Eliza Doolittle... and even worse to say that "modern music sucks" is just... well, words fail me.

Let me list fairly randomly ten purveyors of 'modern music' (assuming by that we mean 'music being written/played/produced round about now') who I personally think do not "suck":

1. Tool (hey, er....)
2. Eliza Doolittle (natch :-)
3. Gorillaz
4. Shivaree
5. Portishead
6. Gomez
7. Lemon Jelly
8. Zero 7
9. Matt Stevens (oh, er...)
10. Yello

And this is the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg... there are THOUSANDS of modern bands who don't suck!

I ask, nay *demand*, that you justify your outrageous statement!


(Well you did ask :-)

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